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Xmas gift idea's

I'm undecided on what to get the children i nanny for as Christmas presents.

4 kids in total: Two 21mnth boys, 3yo girl & 4yo boy.

At first i was thinking of getting them something they could experience (ie: zoo / aqaurium pass, kiddie concert etc), but after i looked into it i realised that for most of these things kids under 5 are free!

I already know that i'll definately get each of them a story book (they all love stories) and will have no probs choosing a story for each of them. As for the rest of the gift, i'm stumped!

I'm not big on DVD's, i would much rather give something interactive, educational and fun. (I only use DVD's as a 15min distraction while i prepare lunch / dinner etc)

What are you getting the kids you care for??

...and what about the parents?
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