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Overnight stays (x-posted)

I have been working with a family since Feb 07 and am very comfortable with both the parents and the children.
Tonight as i was leaving i joked with the 3yo girl that i would be staying the whole night at her house. Overhearing this the dad took the opportunity to ask me if was open to the idea of spending a night with the kids if they (the parents) went away for a night. This is completely fine with me and i have done it before in babysitting type situations for other families.

My question to you guys is what would you charge for an overnight stay with a 3yo girl and a 17mnth old boy?

Like i said, i have been working with them 10hr/day (Mon & Tues) since Feb 07. My current wage is $21/hr AUD (which converts to approx $8.80/hr GBP for those of you in the UK) and obviously it would not be worth there while to pay me an hourly wage at that rate for an overnight stay, so i was wondering what others feels would be an appropriate 'set ammount' for any overnight stay?

Thanks for you help!
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