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What do you think of Baby Sign? x-posted

OK, so most of you know that i am a nanny for two 18mnth old boys, 3yo girl and 4yo boy (yes my days are busy! although generally the 4yo is at preschool)

One of the 18mnth old babies is coming along quiet nicely with his words and regularly uses quiet a few (Mama, Dada, Max (the cats name), Julie (my name), more, bubbles, yellow, gum nut etc)
The other 18mnth old has only recently began saying what may be "Mama" and thats really about all at the moment. His hearing and comprehension are fine, he can hear what you say to him and definately understands (eg: if i ask him if he would like some milk / more food he will either nod or shake his head etc)

I was wondering if his parents may be interested in teachng him some baby sign to help bridge the communication gap. It may also encourage/motivate him to begin learn/use his words to go with the signs.

My concern is... I've been working in child care for about 5yrs now and in my experience it can be a very sensitive topic speaking to parents about something that is not happening yet (ie: a delay, but i try not to use that word). Some parents can get very offended with suggestions and topics like these even if you're trying to help. I would hate to offend the family that i work for. If they take what i say the wrong way they may think i am trying to suggest he has a disability or something, which he doesn't (like i said he can hear and comprehend things fine, he's just a bit behind with his speech and this could help him be understood). They're very open to suggestions about anything and i doubt they would take any offence but i would hate to jepordise the great job i have now!

Should i ask them about baby sign?

...Thanks if you even read this far!!
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